As Alucorex, our philosophy is to offer both top quality products and top quality service to our customers. Our products come out after laboured and rigorous production process. After all the effort, the quality of our products simply proves that our success is not coincidental.

We can gather up all the aspects that we consider to make production with the high-standards of Alucorex, under 4 headings below.

Our company uses 6000 Series top quality Original Billets in Aluminum Profile manufacturing. Using original material is crucial to get ideal stiffness of the aluminium profile. Besides, original material eliminates the oxidation risk that can occur after the anodizing and dyeing process. Furthermore, the profiles which do not contain any heavy metals in them, they sustain its firmness much longer than the profiles which contain recyclable material (scrap).

Press (Extrusion) Machines
In Aluminum Profile production, the quality of press machine has vital importance in order to get a smooth surface. Alucorex profiles are being produced by using high-tech press machines, in accordance with International Quality Standards, our company fulfils the needs of almost every business where aluminium profiling is being used in accordance with these standards.

Mechanical Process Facility
It is possible to make mechanical processes on the surfaces of aluminium profiles upon requests of Alucorex customers. Processes are being performed in the high-tech mechanical process facility are as follows: heat insulated barrier montage, angular and 90 degrees cutting and slicing with one or two headed saws, processing with CNC (5 axis) process centres, eccentric presses, perforating with electric drills, slot opening, countersinking and pouring processes.

Dye-Anodizing Facility
Alucorex Aluminum provides service in vertical and horizontal electrostatic dye houses. We produce +/- 4 micron dyed products for our customers that desire thin and smooth surface, by the dyeing booth that has 16 guns in our newly opened vertical dye house. Profiles in all Ral colours in different gloss brightness are being produced in these modern facilities that produce in accordance with Qualicoat and Qualimarine standards.

In our anodizing facilities, where our production takes place, 5-25 micron-thick anodized coating on max. 7,5 meters long profiles with 1,3-2 A/dm2 current density optimization, accordingly with Qualanod standards. Colour tones are included within limits with a wide variety of colour from natural white to black. Effective surfaces are made by satinage and sanding processes in order to get decorative surfaces requested by customers.