Livorno Aluminum Profile Shower Cabin

Livorno Alüminyum Duşakabin Profilleri

Ürün Özellikleri

This particular shower enclosure system is both unique and remarkable in appearance.

The reason why this system is so unique is due to the sharp surface design and smart structure.

However alternative combinations are also avaliable if desired. In additonal to its unique appearance this enclosure system can be easily assembled and silicone usage is not necessarily required. This is because of the special glass wicks that had been manufactured for Livorno.

Corner cabins, however require a 45’ cut to the rail profiles and in order to connect two rail profiles to each other the manufacturer has to use specially designed corner connector which makes it look smarter.

Another point of interest for this particular enclosure system is the  additonal glass lid for the top of the cabinet. This optional choice can make the appearence even more special.

Livorno allows its manufacturers to apply corner, oval and wall to wall  straight shower enclosure types by 6 mm temper glass.