About Alucorex Aluminum


Our first facility, based on our founder Sebahattin Erdinç’s “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION FOCUS” and “FAIR, HONEST, TRANSPARENT and INNOVATIVE” trade approach, was opened in Istanbul Kartal in 1968, and our sales store was opened in the Grand Bazaar, which is considered the center of trade in Istanbul.

Since then, it has developed its activities in the fields of design, planning, production and sales services of the aluminum sector with new technologies and methods.

The only thing that has not changed since that day has been our “TRADE PRINCIPLES” created and kept alive by our founder.


Due to its innovative vision and interest in technology, our company started International Trade in 2009 and its name was changed to ALUCOREX AŞ. This new name, inspired by the English equivalents of the words aluminium, trade and partnership, represents that we work with all institutions or individuals with the principle of absolute transparency and honesty.

With the initiation of international trade, Alucorex A.Ş. domestic organization was also extended in this period. Accordingly, service, warehouse and sales stores were opened in 6 regions;

1. Alucorex İstanbul

2. Alucorex Ankara (İç ve Doğu Anadolu)

3. Alucorex Ege

4. Alucorex Karadeniz

5. Alucorex Akdeniz

6. Alucorex Sakarya

Starting from the raw material trade in the aluminum sector, the company, which provides design and sales services in many areas where aluminum is used, focused its organization on Shower Cabin Systems in this period. In this way, it has been the Market Leader in Shower Cabin design, production and sales since 2012.


The company’s rapidly increasing sales in domestic and international locations necessitated the growth and professionalization of the production department. For this reason, with the new factory opened in Edirne Süloğlu OSB, the production capacity has been increased with the latest technology equipment such as additional press & vertical dye house and new technologies have been started to be used.

In addition, Facade Engineering, raw material trade and logistics departments have also separated their organizations. Today, the Alucorex family has turned into a group of companies whose name and service area are specified below and continues its development in this way.

1. Alucorex Aluminum Aş (Domestic and International Sales Services)

2. Corexall Aluminum A.Ş. (Aluminum Profile and Accessories Production)

3. Procorex Engineering Service. Ac. (Projecting and Implementation services)

4. RMCorex Inc. (Aluminium Raw Material Trade)

5. Corexcar Aş. (Logistics Services)

Our Mission

Alucorex aims to provide reliable and effective service at every level of the sale according to our customer expectations. As a whole, we see our customers as our partners. We aim to make a huge difference by increasing our market share and brand value by the innovations we brought to the aluminum business.

Our Vision

We seek to develop R&D studies and product diversity by the light of technological changes. Alucorex targets to be a leader in aluminum profile business in which we operate by “innovative” and “distinctive” services, and maintain that leadership.

Our Certificates

All aluminum profiles we produce have TSE, ISO 9001, QUALICOAT and QUALANOD certificates. In addition, all the accessories we produce have ISO quality certificate.